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Short Biography of Finuel Pani  Visakhapatnam, A.P., India

     I was born I state of Odisha in a Christian family. My father heared the gospel and accepted Jesus as his Lord and personal savior by the Canadian Baptist missionary almost hundred years ago. I was brought up with the Christian traditions but was only knowing about water baptism[Acts 18:25b .]I was encounter with Holy Spirit in a small village prayer group meetings and was born again and had experience of Baptism of the Holy Spirit with gift of the Holy Spirit. This all happened in the year 1979 Sept 22 I was then only 19 year old village boy from a remote state of Odisha in India. The experience of Baptism in the Holy Spirit was a turning point in my life and ministry. From the very first dayon ward till now I have been experiencing amazing signs , wonders and miracle in my life and ministries.
In the year 1981 I graduated from the university with a bachelors degree, even though for a single day I have not attended any class in those subject even I had not gone through those text books though It takes four years for regular study to clear the B.A. .. That was the first miracle I experienced in the school of Holy Spirit as I heard and obeyed to the direction of the holy spirit and appeared the exam in first sitting and wrote every questions answer as the Holy Spirit brought all in to my remembrances’ and pass the core subjects with distinctions. Following year God opened a door for me to go to Southern Asia Bible college of Assemblies of God in Bangalore India.
I finished my Bachelor of Divinity with three gold medals one in area of evangelism second in ,academic and third one in the area of campus life. That was the first record in the 25 five year history of the college a boy from the back backward state of Odisha from a remote village making this achievement. This all happened as I listen to the prompting of the holy sprit in vision and believed it and pressed on by faith..After my graduations from the Seminary with B.D.
In obedience to Gods calling in the year 19 86 to 87 I worked as a faculty member in the Church on the Rock Biblical Seminary in Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh India.
I left my teaching profession and came out for full time ministry and moved to Visakhapatnam city known as city of destiny located at east coast of Bay of Bengal. All the money I had my saving was only one hundred rupees with me after paying my first month rent for the small house for my stay. I was in dilemma and do not know what to do next. As I was waiting upon the Lord for about two weeks time ,I SAW IN VISION about the ministry of ASIAN GOSPEL FELLOSHIP CENTRE . . It was on the Easter Sunday 87 .on that first Sunday I began my Sunday service with my interpreter and his family at THEIR SMALL sitting ROOM with a single woman attendance service..
The collection was taken on the first Sunday and the amount was only Rupees 14..From that day till now I look the Lord for my all need. God never let me down hitherto, He has supplied all our needs. God has blessed my small beginning.
As God spirit moved people came to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ from non Christian backgrounds in a regular basis. In a three month time we had a temporary church built and it was full with convert.
I began my faith journey absolutely looking unto Jesus to provide my daily need. I lived in a house without bed or bedroom and no running water and .for years to had to go place to place by foot for the ministry till I got a luxurious transport in those days was the bicycle which I have to peddle.
Many of my well wishers thought I was foolish for venturing for faith ministry being an unmarried ,young man. no girl would be willing to be married for a man with out any source of Income to provide for their family need. But I did not give heed for all advices ,I had only passion to reach unreached win people for kingdom of God.(Mathew 6:33)
According to Gods perfect time as God saw I needed help meet ,God spoke to my first wife Rachel [Susamma ]to leave U S A permanent residency and come to India to marry me to serve the Lord with me in India. Is it not another miracle? We never met or talked before. Normally this does not happen in India that a girl from state of Kerala settled in USA with comfort with good educational background marrying to a man without job and that is from Odisha a backward state in India with different culture ,languages which not possible It was divine providence. Our marriage was a miracle, we served the Lord together for many years. Rachel was a great women of faith and dedications she loved to work in slams and villages and hills .Gospel and evangelism was her meat and drink. She tirelessly she worked for her Lord without thinking caring for her health and comfort. She finished her Race and completed her course and went to be the lord two years ago to receive her reward and crown of righteousness.
By the grace of God, One year ago God substituted Susmita as my wife to stand along with me to carry on the vision God has given to me.
From very first day of my experience with baptism of the Holy Spirit I have been experiencing lord working and confirming with me with signs and wonders. In the areas of my educations ,healings ,miracles, even travelling to the nations of the world to be witnesses unto Him. Acts 1:8
Never I had thought or hope being a fatherless from school and a mother being an old aged widow not having job any support ,Yet today I could travel twice America, Asia and Africa to be a witness unto Him . Acts 1:8 is my provision and it literally being fulfilled in my life and ministries.
We appreciate your prayers and support for this ministries. Together we can do more for India ,Asia. We welcome your partnership for this God given vision to reach India and Asia with the gospel of our Lord Jesus.
Yours in His Vineyard
Finuel and Susmita Pani
Visakhapatnam, A.P. India