Author - agfc2

Living a Detested Life?

Jesus not only came to set us free from sin and the curse of the law but he also brought us eternal life.  This is wrongly understood that we will only live with Him in the Heavenly Mansions.  Salvation is more than providing us with an insurance policy that enables us to live forever in the heavens.  By focusing on this free ticket that we have to the heavenly apartments, affects how we live out our life as a [...]

Overcoming the yearly gift giving dilemma

I was reminded again today that we are in a season of God doing the unexpectant and surprising us with his encounters.  This is the time of re positioning, re assignments and re alignments not only for ourselves but for the Body of Christ and the nations.  This is the time when the winds of God are blowing across the land with righteousness raining down and justice springing up.  This is such a wonderful time of expectation and anticipation [...]

We may bend but never break

In early August of 2001, I was driving south on Highway #169 in the Minnesota River Valley, and, for some reason, I was arguing with myself as to whether or not God really exists. Right then, I came to a curve in the road and was able to view a beautiful scene of a hillside of lush green trees, a partly cloudy sky, a small stream and the prairie stretching far off to the west, all in one long [...]