The older woman, who is not a christian, developed throat cancer and went into a coma. Even though Finuel Pani had prayed for her she died. Her body had been put outside the home waiting for burial. Laying outside she suddenly came back to life and rose from her bed.

Paralytic Walks

After Finuel Pani had prayed for this woman, a non-believer, who was paralysed, she saw Jesus come to her in the early morning hours. She got on her feet and began to walk again. This became very big news in the village.


This woman, another non-christian, had been demon possessed for many years. Many animals had been sacrificed to get the demons to go. With one prayer she was completely delivered and set free.

Healed of Cancer

With only a few days left to live this man went to hear Finuel Pani speak at conference in Orissa. During the sermon he felt God doing something in his body. After receiving prayer he checked his body and discovered he was completely healed. Now he is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Coma to Crown

This young boy was in tenth grade ,was in Coma for ten days in Hospital sent back from hospital without hope to live.Instantiouly rose up to feet just after prayer..Later on finished his college and bible college got married, now full time pastor

Africa Woman Healing

This woman in south Africa near Captown could not lift her hand was healed instantaniouly after prayer.

africa woman healing_1

Raised from Coma

This man name Rama Roa had multiple organ failure and was in coma,instatioualy woke and sat as pastor Pani prayed over him over the phone.

Tumor Disappeared before surgery

He had full grown tumor in his stomach dioanised and fixed surgery ,after pastor pani prayed over him tumor dissapeared he was sent back from scan room after repeated check up.

Manila Miracle

A doctor was paralyzed and brought to the meeting got up and walked after pastor pani hold his hand and prayed .

Philippine Deliverance

Deliverance from Epilepsy in Philippines